1. Successful Treatment of Refractory Plaque-Type Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis With Guselkumab and Adalimumab Combination Therapy: A Case Report

  2. Extraction, recovery and characterization of structural extracellular polymeric substances from anammox granular sludge.

  3. Quality of Life in Psoriasis Vietnamese Patients Treated with Metformin in Combination with Methotrexate.

  4. The Relationship between HLA-B27, HLA-Cw06, HLA-DR7 and Psoriatic Arthritis in Vietnamese Patients: Disease Progression and Therapeutic Burden.

  5. Successful Treatment of Intralesional Bleomycin in Keloids of Vietnamese Population.

  6. Microneedling Therapy for Atrophic Acne Scar: Effectiveness and Safety in Vietnamese Patients.

  7. The Effectiveness of Oral Mini-Pulse Methylprednisolonein - the Treatment of Alopecia Areata in Vietnam.

  8. Successful Treatment of Freckles by Alex Trivantage Laser Wavelight 755 nm in Vietnamese Patients.

  9. Successful Treatment of Vitiligo Vietnamese Patients with Vitilinex® Herbal Bio-Actives in Combination with Phototherapy.

  10. Efficacy of Oral Low-Dose Isotretinoin in the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris in Vietnam.

  11. Successful Treatment of Intralesional Triamcilonon Acetonide Injection in Keloid Patients.

  12. Efficacy of Azole Antifungal in Treatment of Pityriasis Versicolor.

  13. Efficacy of 10% Potassium Hydroxide Solution Versus 10% Salicylic Acid Ointment in Treatment of Molluscum Contagiosum - the Low - Cost Dermatologic Therapy in Vietnam.

  14. Efficacy of BAFF in Monitoring Treatment Response in Early Vietnamese Systemic Sclerosis Patients.

  15. The Efficacy of a Two-Fold Increase of H1-Antihistamine in the Treatment of Chronic Urticaria - the Vietnamese Experience.

  16. The Decline of PUVA Therapy in Vietnam: Effective Treatment of Narrow Band UVB in Vietnamese Vitiligo Patients.

  17. Successful Psoriasis Treatment Using NB-UVB with Methotrexate: The Vietnamese Experience.

  18. Effectiveness, Safety and Tolerance of Methotrexate in Vietnamese Psoriatic Arthritis Patients.

  19. Antifungal Susceptibility of Dermatophytes Isolated From Cutaneous Fungal Infections: The Vietnamese Experience.

  20. Superantigens of Staphylococcus Aureus Colonization in Atopic Dermatitis and Treatment Efficacy of Oral Cefuroxim in Vietnamese Patients.

  21. Efficacy of Adding Oral Simvastatin to Topical Therapy for Treatment of Psoriasis: The Vietnamese Experience.

  22. The Efficacy and Safety of Hyaluronic Acid Microinjection for Skin Rejuvenation in Vietnam.

  23. Serial Excision for the Treatment of Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus: The Vietnamese Way.

  24. Efficacy of Narrow - Band UVB Phototherapy versus PUVA Chemophototherapy for Psoriasis in Vietnamese Patients.

  25. Efficacy of Oral Itraconazole in the Treatment of Seborrheic Dermatitis in Vietnamese Adults Patients.

  26. The Effectiveness of Narrow Band Uvb (Nb-Uvb) In the Treatment of Pityriasis Lichenoides Chronica (PLC) In Vietnam.

  27. Efficacy of Oral Isotretinoin in Combination with Desloratadine in the Treatment of Common Vulgaris Acne in Vietnamese Patients.

  28. Early Treatment with Imiquimod 5% Cream of Periungual Warts in Vietnam: The Poorer, the Better.

  29. Efficacy of Surgical Excision for Nevus Sebaceous - Vietnamese Experience.

  30. Anatomical Evaluation for Successful Dye Laser Treatment of Port Wine Stain in Vietnamese Patients.

  31. Using Patch Testing to Improve Therapeutic Outcome in the Treatment of Hand Eczema in Vietnamese Patients.

  32. Efficacy and Safety of Methotrexate in Combination with Mini Pulse Doses of Methylprednisolone in Severe Alopecia Areata. The Vietnamese Experience.

  33. Clinical Aspects and Treatment of Pityriasis Lichenoides Et Varioliformis Acuta: A Retrospective Vietnamese Study.

  34. Improving Treatment Outcome of Pemphigus Vulgaris on Vietnamese Patients by Using Desmoglein Elisa Test.

  35. Successful Treatment of Facial Atrophic Acne Scars by Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedle in Vietnamese Patients.

  36. The Effectiveness of Local Surgical Technique in Treatment of Axillary Bromhidrosis.

  37. Distribution of Malassezia Species from Scales of Patient with Pityriasis Versicolor by Culture in Vietnam.

  38. In Vitro Antibiotic Resistance in Bacterial Infected Eczema at Ho Chi Minh City Hospital of Dermatology.

  39. Vietnamese Dermatology.

  40. Platelet rich plasma in androgenetic alopecia: A systematic review.

  41. Extracellular polymeric substances of biofilms: Suffering from an identity crisis.

  42. Frontal pattern hair loss among Chinese women is frequently associated with ponytail hairstyle.

  43. Intralesional triamcinolone alone or in combination with botulinium toxin A is ineffective for the treatment of formed keloid scar: A double blind controlled pilot study.

  44. New therapeutic vision of nutrition in dermatology: Integrative nutrition.

  45. Controversial issues in vitiligo patients: a review of old and recent treatments.

  46. ROS-challenged keratinocytes as a new model for oxidative stress-mediated skin diseases.

  47. Topical methotrexate 1% gel for treatment of vitiligo: A case report and review of the literature.

  48. Urticarial rash, fever, and arthritis: A case of refractory Adult-onset Still's disease with good response to tocilizumab.

  49. Hydrogels formed by anammox extracellular polymeric substances: structural and mechanical insights.

  50. How the Globe Celebrated World Vitiligo Day 2019

  51. Two-stage granular sludge partial nitritation/anammox process for the treatment of digestate from the anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste

  52. X Interactive Course " Dermatologia Pediatrica del Mediterraneo ".

  53. Depression, Isotretinoin, and Folic acid: A practical review. dermatologo


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