1. Primavera: A new therapeutical approach to vulvo-vaginal atrophy.

  2. Characterization of follicular minoxidil sulfotransferase activity in a cohort of pattern hair loss patients from the Indian Subcontinent.

  3. Anterior, frontal congenital triangular alopecia, redundancy in therapy without improvement.

  4. Patient-reported outcomes: A 5-year long study reveals previously unreported therapeutic, demographic, socio-economic, and other correlations in vitiligo.

  5. Low-dose daily aspirin reduces topical minoxidil efficacy in androgenetic alopecia patients.

  6. Infantile bullous pemphigoid successfully treated with combined pulse corticosteroids and high-dose IVIG.

  7. Adjuvant treatment of chronic plaque psoriasis in adults by a herbal combination: Open German trial and review of the literature.4

  8. Functional nutrition as integrated approach in vitiligo management.

  9. Trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder): Clinical characteristics, psychosocial aspects, treatment approaches, and ethical considerations.

  10. Complementary and integrative therapies for psoriasis: Looking forward.

  11. Pathomorphological criteria of use efficiency of resorbable and permanent implants in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology.

  12. Butterfly Effect - the Concept and the Implications in Dermatology, Acne, and Rosacea.

  13. The effect of topical minoxidil treatment on follicular sulfotransferase enzymatic activity.

  14. Recycling of Previously Transplanted Hair: A Novel Indication for Follicular Unit Extraction.

  15. Apitherapy as a New Approach in Treatment of Palmoplantar Psoriasis.

  16. Is There a Place for Local Natural Treatment of Psoriasis?

  17. Sirt1 Protects against Oxidative Stress-Induced Apoptosis in Fibroblasts from Psoriatic Patients: A New Insight into the Pathogenetic Mechanisms of Psoriasis.

  18. Innovative One Step Melanoma Surgical Approach (OSMS): Not a Myth-It's a Reality! Case Related Analysis of a Patient with a Perfect Clinical Outcome Reported from the Bulgarian Society for Dermatologic Surgery (BULSDS)!

  19. Successful Craniotomy for Advanced Basal Cell Carcinomas with Cranial Bone Invasion and Dura Mater Infiltration - Unique Presentation in a Bulgarian Patient.

  20. Palatal Melanoma: "The Silent Killer".

  21. Vitiligo in Children: What's New in Treatment?

  22. Use of Curcumin in Psoriasis.

  23. Vitiligo in Children: A Review of Conventional Treatments.

  24. Acrocyanosis - A Symptom with Many Facettes.

  25. Herbal Compounds for the Treatment of Vitiligo: A Review.

  26. Integrative Dermatology - The Use of Herbals and Nutritional Supplements to Treat Dermatological Conditions.

  27. Vitiligo in Children: A Better Understanding of the Disease.

  28. Arthrospira Platensis - Potential in Dermatology and Beyond.

  29. Unconventional Treatments for Vitiligo: Are They (Un) Satisfactory?

  30. Cutaneous Microembolism of Fingers and Toes.

  31. Health and Illness in History, Science and Society.

  32. Small Dysplastic Congenital Melanocytic Nevi in Childhood as Possible Melanoma Imitators.

  33. Once in a Blue Moon … Rare Adnexal Tumor: From the Clinical and Videodermoscopical Aspects to the Mohs Surgery and the Histological Diagnosis.

  34. Medium Sized Congenital Melanocytic Nevus with Suspected Progression to Melanoma during Pregnancy: What's the Best for the Patient?

  35. Disseminated Porokeratosis with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia - Case Report and Literature Review of Porokeratosis and Related Disorders.

  36. Violet - Colored Inguinal Located Cutaneous Tumour?

  37. Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma (MEC) of Parotid Gland with Massive Cutaneous Involvement: Bilateral Pedicle Advancement Flap (U - Plasty) As Adequate Surgical Approach.

  38. Seborrheic Pemphigus, Antigen Mimicry and the Subsequent-Wrong Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach?

  39. Peri - and Intraocular Mutilating Advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma: "Monsters Inside Your Body"?

  40. Locally Advanced Basal Cell Carcinoma with Intraocular Invasion.

  41. Diffuse Normolipemic Plane Xanthoma (DNPX) of the Neck without Xanthelasma Palpebrum.

  42. A Patient with Multiple Keratinocytic Cancers (MKC): Uncommon Presentation in a Bulgarian Patient.

  43. Psoriasiform Dermatophytosis in a Bulgarian Child.

  44. Another Case of Interdigital Located "Metastasing Hematoma"?

  45. Giant Pendulous Carcinosarcoma - Squamous Cell Carcinoma-Type - of the Leg - A Case Report and Review of the Literature.

  46. Para - And Intraurethral Penile Tumor - Like Condilomatosis.

  47. Idiopathic Scrotal Calcinosis - A Case Report.

  48. Sweet's Syndrome (SS) in the Course of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML).

  49. Unilateral Palmar Callus and Irritant Hand Eczema - Underreported Signs of Dependency on Crutches.

  50. Sarcoidosis in A. C. Milan (1899)?

  51. Ulcerating Lichen Planopilaris - Successful Treatment by Surgery.

  52. Lip Repair after Mohs Surgery for Squamous Cell Carcinoma by Bilateral Tissue Expanding Vermillion Myocutaneous Flap (Goldstein Technique Modified by Sawada).

  53. Cutaneous Leishmaniasis - A Case Series from Dresden.

  54. Neglected Under Lip Cancer.

  55. Chronic Encapsulated Seroma Persisting for Three Years after Abdominoplasty and a Successful Surgical Solution.

  56. Segmental Erythema Multiforme-Like Drug Eruption by Aromatase Inhibitor Anastrozole - First Case Report and another Example of an Immunocompromised District.

  57. A "Yellow Submarine" in Dermoscopy.

  58. Van Lohuizen Syndrome - A Case Report with a Diagnostic Delay of Four Years.

  59. Neurofibromatosis Type 1 with Massive Ventricular Polyposis: First Report in the Medical Literature.

  60. The Role of Complex Treatment in Mixed Leg Ulcers - A Case Report of Vascular, Surgical and Physical Therapy.

  61. An Innovative Therapeutic Protocol for Vitiligo: Experience with the Use of Fraxel Herbium Laser, Topical Latanoprost and Successive Irradiation with UVA - 1 Laser.

  62. Micro - Focused Phototherapy Associated To Janus Kinase Inhibitor: A Promising Valid Therapeutic Option for Patients with Localized Vitiligo.

  63. Successful Treatment with UVA 1 Laser of Non - Responder Vitiligo Patients.

  64. Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans: Retrospective Single Center Analysis Over 16 Years.

  65. Intralesional Diode Laser 1064 nm for the Treatment of Hidradenitis Suppurativa: A Report of Twenty Patients.

  66. Epidermoid Cysts - A Wide Spectrum of Clinical Presentation and Successful Treatment by Surgery: A Retrospective 10-Year Analysis and Literature Review.

  67. Carbon Dioxide with a New Pulse Profile and Shape: A Perfect Tool to Perform Labiaplasty for Functional and Cosmetic Purpose.

  68. In Vitro Evaluation of the Sensitivity of a Hyaluronic Acid PEG Cross-Linked to Bovine Testes Hyaluronidase.

  69. In Vitro Evaluation of the Biosafety of Hyaluronic Acid PEG Cross-Linked with Micromolecules of Calcium Hydroxyapatite in Low Concentration.

  70. Early Regenerative Modifications of Human Postmenopausal Atrophic Vaginal Mucosa Following Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment.

  71. Clinical evaluation of a novel fractional radiofrequency device for hair growth: Fractional radiofrequency for hair growth stimulation.

  72. Interdigital melanoma simultaneously affecting two neighboring interdigital spaces : First description in the medical literature.

  73. Psychosocial aspects associated with use of sunscreen, natural sunlight exposure, and artificial tanning.

  74. Histopathologic pitfalls of Mohs micrographic surgery and a review of tumor histology.


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