1. Rapid communication: a vegetable oil extract restores redox status in fibroblasts from psoriatic patients.

  2. Quality of life aspects of patients with psoriasis using a series of herbal products.

  3. Efficacy and safety of Dr Michaels® (Soratinex®) product family for the topical treatment of psoriasis: a monitored status study.

  4. An innovative, promising topical treatment for psoriasis: a Romanian clinical study.

  5. Scalp psoriasis: a promising natural treatment.

  6. Successful treatment of facial systemic lupus erythematosus lesions with Dr Michaels® (Soratinex®) product family. A case report.

  7. Successful treatment of recalcitrant candidal intertrigo with Dr Michaels® (Fungatinex®) product family.

  8. Successful treatment of alopecia areata with Dr. Michaels® (Alopinex) product family.

  9. Dr Michaels® product family (also branded as Soratinex®) versus Methylprednisolone aceponate - a comparative study of the effectiveness for the treatment of plaque psoriasis.

  10. Investigation of the efficacy of Dr Michaels® (Soratinex®) family in maintaining a symptom-free state for patients with psoriasis in remission. A retrospective, comparative study.

  11. Treatment of ichthyosis lamellaris using a series of herbal skin care products family.

  12. Investigation of the efficacy and tolerability of Dr Michaels® (also branded as Eczitinex® and Itchinex Eczitinex®) topical products in the treatment of atopic dermatitis in children.

  13. Successful treatment of mild to moderate acne vulgaris with Dr Michaels® (also branded as Zitinex®) topical products family: a clinical trial.

  14. Dr Michaels® (Soratinex®) product for the topical treatment of psoriasis: a Hungarian/Czech and Slovak study.

  15. Successful treatment of a chronic eczema in a 48-year-old female with Dr Michaels® (Eczitinex® and Itchinex®) product family. A case report.

  16. Clinical evaluation of the effectiveness of “Dr Michaels®” (also branded as Soratinex®) products in the topical treatment of patients with plaque psoriasis.

  17. Nail psoriasis in an adult successfully treated with a series of herbal skin care products family – a case report.

  18. A clinical examination of the efficacy of preparation of Dr Michaels® (also branded as Soratinex®) products in the treatment of psoriasis.

  19. A European prospective, randomized placebo-controlled doubleblind Study on the efficacy and safety of Dr Michaels® (also branded as Soratinex®) product family for stable chronic plaque psoriasis.

  20. A multi-centred open trial of “Dr Michaels®” (also branded as Soratinex®) topical product family in psoriasis.

  21. Multifocal infantile progressive hemangiomatosis with ocular involvement: unique presentation in a Bulgarian newborn.

  22. Giant congenital melanocytic nevus in a bulgarian newborn.

  23. Medium-sized congenital melanocytic nevus of the forehead, glabella and temple – surgical treatment and long-term follow-up.

  24. Interstitial granulomatous dermatitis demonstrating small, discrete skin-colored papules.

  25. Pulmonary and abdominal sarcoidosis, the great imitators on imaging?

  26. Langerhans cell sarcoma: an unusual microscopic presentation.

  27. Uncommon clinical presentation of Kimura’s disease as bilateral retroauricular masses in a young Malian male: successful surgical approach.

  28. Biofibre hair implant: what is new, what is true?

  29. Biofibre hair implant – impact on the quality of life.

  30. Coexistent trichilemmoma and trichoblastoma without associated nevus sebaceus.

  31. Isolated CMV infection causing perianal and sacral ulceration in a patient with aids.

  32. 5-hydroxytryptamine and Lyme disease. Opportunity for a novel therapy to reduce the cerebellar tremor?

  33. Pilomatrixoma of the breast in a patient with type 1 myotonic dystrophy: successful surgical approach.

  34. Combined therapy for resistant vitiligo lesions: NB-UVB, microneedling, and topical latanoprost, showed no enhanced efficacy compared to topical latanoprost and NB-UVB.

  35. Mixed vitiligo of Blaschko lines: a newly discovered presentation of vitiligo responsive to combination treatment.


  37. Management of chronic pruritus with a UV filtering topical cream.

  38. Distribution and microbial community structure analysis of a single-stage partial nitritation/anammox granular sludge bioreactor operating at low temperature.

  39. Unilateral unique Lupus tumidus: pathogenetic mystery and diagnostic problem.

  40. Comparison of bacterial communities of conventional and A-stage activated sludge systems.

  41. Tinea profunda of the genital area. Successful treatment of a rare skin disease.

  42. The unwelcome trio: HIV plus cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis.

  43. Are Anti-TNF-α Agents Safe for Treating Psoriasis in Hepatitis C Virus Patients with Advanced Liver Disease? Case Reports and Review of the Literature.


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