1. Vitiligo road map.

  2. Metabolic syndrome in vitiligo.

  3. Treatments of vitiligo: what's new at the horizon.

  4. Classification of vitiligo: a challenging endeavor.

  5. Multidisciplinary approach to R&D in vitiligo, a neglected skin disease.

  6. Vitiligo: recent insights and new therapeutic approaches.

  7. Clinical efficacy of a novel topical formulation for vitiligo: compared evaluation of different treatment modalities in 149 patients.

  8. Controversial issues on melanoma.

  9. Epidemiology of melanoma: is it still epidemic? What is the role of the sun, sunbeds, Vit D, betablocks, and others?

  10. Melasma.

  11. Cutaneous necrotizing vasculitis: a rational therapeutic approach.

  12. Laser use in infantile hemangiomas, when and how.

  13. Dermoscopy, confocal laser microscopy, and hi-tech evaluation of vascular skin lesions: diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives.

  14. Inhibition effect of swine wastewater heavy metals and antibiotics on anammox activity.

  15. Vitiligo: an update on current pharmacotherapy and future directions.

  16. Highlights of thirty-year experience of CO2 laser use at the Florence (Italy) department of dermatology.

  17. The effect of nitrite inhibition on the anammox process.

  18. Potential Infectious Etiology of Behçet's Disease.

  19. Bacterial skin and soft tissue infections: review of the epidemiology, microbiology, aetiopathogenesis and treatment: a collaboration between dermatologists and infectivologists.

  20. Why is Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease misleading?

  21. Italian Euromelanoma Day Screening Campaign (2005-2007) and the planning of melanoma screening strategies.

  22. The importance of stressful family events in psoriatic patients: a retrospective study.

  23. Dimethyl fumarate contact dermatitis of the foot: an increasingly widespread disease.

  24. Development of MGUS in psoriatic patients: a possible undiagnosed event during anti-TNF-α-treatment.

  25. Autoimmune markers in vitiligo patients appear correlated with obsession and phobia.

  26. Eyelid skin tightening: a novel 'Niche' for fractional CO₂ rejuvenation.


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